GStreamer 1.0 Application Porting Hackfest

Hi everyone,
We are looking into organizing a hackfest in late January next year to help developers get started on porting to GStreamer 0.11/1.0 and get the last batch of important plugins tested and ported.

Things are still in early planning stages, but we are looking at hosting it in Malaga, Spain from the 25th to 27th of January. You can find further details here:

I would ask that anyone interested in attending add themselves to that page on the GStreamer wiki as quickly as possible, so that we can gauge interest and sort out sponsorship and venue based on those numbers.

We will be offering some travel sponsorships to this event for those who need it, but of course as always with such things funds are limited, but let me know if you need sponsorship and I will try my best to sort something out.

Christian Schaller

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