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Gesendet: 09.08.2011 13:33:43
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Betreff: Waveform For GNOME Sound Recorder

> I understand that Sound Recorder is simple and functional and works well. However, from a usage standpoint, it seems that a live waveform display would
> provide valuable visual feedback to the user.
> I'm wanting to see if I can implement this (gives me a chance to brush up on some C) but wanted to get feedback from the community first before diving into it.
> Good idea? Bad idea? What sorts of dependencies would need to be introduce?

I thinks it’s indeed a good idea. One could probably implement it using Cairo directly, or use a higher-level API like goocanvas.

I planned to add a waveform widget to Transcribe [1], so I started looking at the implementations in other applications. Pitivi has a waveform for audio tracks, and Jokosher as well. Jokosher might be interesting, as it also displays a waveform while recording. In addition, I like Jokoshers approach to draw a smoothed outline, and not a realistic waveform, but that probably has pros and cons.

Since I’m not really a pro coder, I’d be interested in sharing ideas about the implementation. I don’t know if it would make sense to create an actual waveform widget that different applications could use, since the actual use cases are quite different. But sharing some insights and maybe document the actual work in form of a blog post or something might be a good way to collaborate.


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