Re: Please give us the option of which sound server to use

On Sun, Aug 01, 2010 at 09:57:58PM -0700, Brad Brockmeier wrote:
> I've been using Ubuntu/Gnome Desktop Environment for a few years now,
> and I have enjoyed it.  However, since PulseAudio has been bundled
> with Ubuntu/Gnome, I've had issues with sound.  Usually, it works fine
> for a few days, and then it simply quits on me.  I don't understand
> why, but PulseAudio just crashes, and I have to purge it, then
> reinstall it so it will work again.

Please file a bug about the crashing PulseAudio. I thought Ubuntu had
software which could easily detect crashers and report them. Anyway,
perhaps best to contact Ubuntu regarding that.


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