BEAST/BSE version 0.7.2 and BSE-ALSA version 0.7.2 are
available for download at:

This is a development version of BEAST/BSE, the BEdevilled Audio SysTem
and the Bedevilled Sound Engine. BEAST is a powerful music composition
and modular synthesis application released as free software under the
GNU LGPL that runs under unix. BSE-ALSA is an ALSA driver for BSE.
The "Bedevilled" portion of the names has no religious background,
refer to the About page for more details:

A mailing list is available at:

GUI skins, example sounds and instrumets for BEAST/BSE as well as
screenshots can be found at:

The 0.7 development series of Beast focusses on improving usability and
ease of music production. Feedback is very much appreciated, please take
the opportunity and provide your comments and questions in our forums
like the Beast Bugzilla or the mailing list, all of which can be reached

TRANSLATORS: Please help us to improve the BEAST translation, just
download the tarball, edit po/<LANGUAGE>.po and email it to us.

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.7.2:

* Moved Beast/BSE to GNU LGPL, use AS-IS license for examples
* Module changes and additions:
  ArtsCompressor       - Relicensed to LGPL with permission from Matthias Kretz
  BseContribSampleAndHold - Relicensed to LGPL with permission from Artem Popov
  DavXTalStrings          - Use deterministic random numbers for unit tests
  BseNoise                - Improved random number generator
* Switched to autogenerated ChangeLogs
* Error bell can be muted in beast preferences dialog
* Added multisample creation/editing command line tool: bsewavetool
* Support adjustable volume, pitching and drum envelopes in .bsewave files
* Added Retro Acoustic drum kit [Tim, Stefan]
* New loadable Instruments/Effects:
  - BQS Bass Drum E8012 [Tim, Stefan]
  - BQS Slow Hum [Stefan, William DeVore]
  - FSM Fresh Water Bass instrument [Krzysztof Foltman]
  - FSM Growl Bass instrument [Krzysztof Foltman]
  - FSM Synth String Sweep [Krzysztof Foltman]
* Added support for loading 32bit and 24bit PCM-format WAV files
* Added support for gcc-4.4 and automake-1.10
* Added support for guile-1.8, guile-1.6 remains as minimum requirement
* Various fixes, improvements and much improved test coverage.
* Bug fixes: #452604, #468229, #344388, #451086, #450724, #454121, #491552,
             #450490, #441936, #336766, #433431, #474332, #474244, #456879,
             #456408, #424897 [Tim Janik, Stefan Westerfeld]
* Migrated translation support to use awk, sed and po/
* Updated German translation [Mario Blättermann]
* Updated Italien translation [Michele Petrecca]
* Updated Occitan translation [Yannig Marchegay]
* Updated Brazilian Portugues translation [Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle]
* Updated British English translation [David Lodge]
* Updated Spanish translation [Jorge Gonzalez]
* Updated Slovenian translation [Andrej Znidarsic]
* Updated Danish translation [Joe Hansen]
* Updated French translation [Bruno Brouard]
* Added Norwegian bokmal translation [Kjartan Maraas]
* Added Ukrainian translation [Maxim V. Dziumanenko]

Overview of Changes in BSE-ALSA 0.7.2:

* Fixes for automake-1.10 builds
* Moved Beast/BSE to GNU LGPL

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik


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