Transmageddon request/suggestion

	I don't expect to be included in any follow-up to this message unless someone responds with "Yeah, that's already included". ;-)

	My Linux box is down at the moment so I'm using Mint 8 in a VM on an Intel Mac...

Mobile hardware:
	A cheap Sylvania SMPK 2083. Manufactured by a Chinese company called Coby. Considering the price, it seems to function well within certain limits.

The problems:
	1) They only include Windows software.
	2) That software doesn't work even under Windows. (no surprise)
	3) They insist on only ONE video format.
	4) The video format (.AMV) is apparently a proprietary version of .AVI.
	5) Tech support gives people the brush-off.
	6) RockBox does not have a version for this hardware yet.

The request/suggestion:
	Would it be possible to add the .AMV format to the list of supported output types? 

Legal stuff:
	Given I am in Canada, I am not subject to the copyright laws of the USA. Fair use and limited use for personal consumption are still allowed. At least for the moment... Should it look like there will be an argument over including this format DIRECTLY in the list, may I suggest placing it in a supplemental list of codecs for INTERNATIONAL/Non-American users... Activation of this list could be allowed by answering the question "Are you located in the USA?". Checking the locale settings on installation/first run would eliminate the question entirely.


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