Support for audio description in Totem?

Hi everyone. I'm totally blind and enjoy watching tv on my PC using a Hauppauge USB tv stick and Totem. I use this on Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome and the Orca screen reader. I find Totem very easy to navigate with a screen reader and it currently does pretty much everything I need. One feature I really would like to see in Totem, however, is support for audio description.

Audio description is an extra soundtrack containing a voiceover which describes what is happening on the screen. The main programme soundtrack is usually displayed in Totem's 'Languages' menu as 'English#1' or 'Audio#1' and the audio description track is usually displayed as 'English#2' or 'Audio#2'. At the moment, Totem can play either the main programme soundtrack or the audio description soundtrack, but not both. In order for the audio description to be useful, it needs to be played alongside the main programme soundtrack. What are the chances of implementing this feature in future versions of Totem? I regret that I am not a programmer, but would willingly test this feature if anyone is able to implement it.

I very much look forward to any comments on this.



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