reducing clutter by adding methadata

Hallo all,

I write to both tracker-list and gnome-multimedia lists.

i use gnome-sound-record for my study and daily work. I think it is
great application but i think it bring more files and more clutter in my
life. So i plan to add some code to gsrecorder, to write methadata to
created files. My question to you all is: what methadata make most
Use xmp or standart ogg tags, or both?

I think about fallowing methadata structure:
-> Time
    > Creation time
       > what i did in this time, use record from evolution callender
          > what i usually do, use zeitgeist

-> Location
  > Realname of account owner
  > account uuid? or host name/uuid?
     > use gps or wlan mac for location... bu-ga-ha... it is useful, but
make me scary.
-> make privat mode and do not write too match.

Any other ideas or comments?


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