Re: GStreamer encoding profile for the Meizu M6 player

Hi Stefan,
thanks for your quick reply !

Le 10/02/2010 10:58, Stefan Kost a écrit :
this means gstreamer is using AVIF_HASINDEX where mencoder used
HASINDEX|ISINTERLEAVED|TRUSTCKTYPE. gstreamer should probably set
ISINTERLEAVED as well (can you file a bug, I just checked this from I could not find what
TRUSTCKTYPE is used for (even MS just uses it in their examples, maybe
we should do that too).

I tried to change the flags (and checked with the logs that I had changed the correct bytes), but it didn't work. About the bugs, I think I'll open them all at once, once this is resolved and I know exactly if this has an impact or not.

the other changes is that mencoder cleared the avih.bps, but specify

Couldn't test this one, I have difficulties in finding the right bytes to modify.

finally gstreamer write a dmlh chunk which mencoder does not write.

Replaced the "dmlh" by "JUNK", didn't work either.

For these modifications, I created the corresponding binary diffs with bsdiff, so once I'll fiund the right places to change, I'll easily be able to test all the combinations.

For now :
bit number 0: "no-dmlh" patch used
bit number 1: "sameflags" patch used
bit number 2: "clear-bps" patch used (which I don't have ATM)
bit number 3: "fill-bufsize" patch used (which I don't have ATM)

0000 => Fail
0001 => Fail
0010 => Fail
0011 => Fail
0100 => ?
0101 => ?
0110 => ?
0111 => ?
1000 => ?
1001 => ?
1010 => ?
1011 => ?
1100 => ?
1101 => ?
1110 => ?
1111 => ?

Do you think "clear-bps" and "fill-bufsize" are just one single patch ?
Does clearing of filling both of these fields at the same time makes a video invalid ?


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