Please give us the option of which sound server to use

I've been using Ubuntu/Gnome Desktop Environment for a few years now, and I have enjoyed it.  However, since PulseAudio has been bundled with Ubuntu/Gnome, I've had issues with sound.  Usually, it works fine for a few days, and then it simply quits on me.  I don't understand why, but PulseAudio just crashes, and I have to purge it, then reinstall it so it will work again.
I have tried to replace PA, but only once was I able to achieve even a temporary replacement.  The last time, I was following an official Ubuntu 10.04 guide to replace PulseAudio with OSS4, but all it did was remove PA, and sound as well.
All I'm asking, is that you offer your users a choice when they install their system.  I know a few people who haven't had problems with PA, and they can keep using it, if that is what they want.  However, I don't want to deal with the bugs in PA, and would rather use ALSA or OSS.
You will really want to consider this, because a lot of new people switching to Linux, who experience this problem, just think Linux Audio sucks.  They don't know that there are a variety of sound servers for Linux, and that the one they are using is buggy.  Forcing PA on the users will only prevent Linux from being adopted by the uncertain and/or curious.
Once again, I've enjoyed Gnome/Ubuntu, but since the switch to PA, I've went with KDE.  Offering the user a choice as to their preference of sound server will not hurt the community, but rather serve it.
Thanks in advance.


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