Rygel 0.7.7 (I Do, I Think)

Rygel 0.7.7 (I Do, I Think) is out!

A new release in the current unstable 0.7.x series for upcoming GNOME 2.31.91

- Add manpages for rygel and rygel.conf.
- Add support for search by album and artist.
- Don't advertize support for search by '@refID' as we don't really support
  and use it at all.
- Drop support for search by 'res' and 'res protocolInfo'. Since we didn't
  handle proxy and transcoding resources this gave wrong impression to the
  clients and was causing rygel to fail DLNA test cases.
- Don't error out on empty search results.
- Error out on HTTP request for invalid transfer mode.
- Fix typo in serialization of "upnp:createClass".
- Case-insensitive string comparisons.
- 'TransferIDs' state variable should list IDs for all transfers we have, even
  the ones that are complete.
- Correct sending of error to client when import of resource fails.
- Make sure we don't make invalid comparisons during the search.
- Do not set the 'sp-flag' as we never really are the clock source for the
  content, even in case of live/transcoded streams.
- Add MPRIS2 plugin. This plugin turns any media player that implements
  MPRIS2[1] D-Bus interface into a UPnP MediaRenderer.
- MediaExport:
  - Don't forget containers in children count.
  - Fix handling of "exists" operator in search.
  - Add m4v, m4a and png to list of file extensions to entertain.
  - Apply filter to monitoring of files as well.
  - Add support for the "Genre" folder of XBox.
  - Fix IOP with Windows Media Player 12.
  - Allow user to specify standard XDG media directories using variables.
  - Export XDG standard media directories by default but this time through
    default user configuration.
- Tracker:
  - Correct some checks.
  - Escape regex for SPARQL.
- GstLaunch:
  - Use '-' instead of '_' in user configrution options.
- Playbin:
  - Had forgotten to rename the plugin in the user configuration.
  - Remove last remaining "all rights reserved" from copyright headers.
- Localization:
  - Add Greek translation.
  - Add British English translation.
  - Update French translation.
  - Update Traditional Chinese translation (Hong Kong and Taiwan).
  - Update Czech translation.
  - Update Danish translation.
- DLNA test cases fixed in this release:
  - (now N.A)
- Various other performance, plugin API and non-functional improvements.

Dependency-related changes:
  - Lower gtk+-2.0 requirement to 2.20.0.

Bugs fixed in this release:

627243 - String operators during Search() should be case insensitive.
627982 - All Playbins on a network have the same hard coded name.

All contributors to this release:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>
Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
Philip Withnall <philip tecnocode co uk>
Ask H. Larsen <asklarsen gmail com>
Chao-Hsiung Liao <j_h_liau yahoo com tw>
Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net>
Giannis Katsampirhs <juankatsamprishs gmail com>
Kenneth Nielsen <k nielsen81 gmail com>
Marek Černocký <marek manet cz>
Petr Kovar <pknbe volny cz>

Download source tarball here: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/rygel/0.7/

What is Rygel?

Rygel is a collection of DLNA (UPnP AV) services implemented through a plug-in
mechanism. UPnP in simplest words is a set of protocols that defines how
different devices on a home network can seamlessly (without or with minimum
configuration) communicate with each other. UPnP AV defines how multimedia
systems could be built on top of that. DLNA in simple words is a long list of
rules that implementers must comply to if they want to achieve interoperability
with other implementations in the market.

More info at project home page: http://live.gnome.org/Rygel


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

[1] http://www.mpris.org/2.0/spec/

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