Re: Add a new Totem plugin to transcode videos

After some thoughts, maybe the plugin way is not the good one.
It would be more convenient and powerfull to use MIME Types to allow
user to open the current video in another multimedia application that
could be Brasero, PiTiVi, Transmageddon (i've pointed this one because
it has export capabilities for PSP, iPhone etc see,

Eye of GNOME does that for picture, see :

i don't know if it's possible to easily export a video into Brasero or
PiTiVi since these applications needs 1st to "open a new project"
before dealing with videos but i think it would avoid cluttering
Totem, allow a lot of flexibility (any application that deals with
video would be concerned), be very simple to use and easily
discoverable (not plugin to activate first)


2009/9/9 thibaut bethune <thibaut bethune gmail com>:
> I really like Totem : simple but powerful  (YouTube plugin since
> version 2.22, create DVD plugin since version 2.26, new resume
> functionality in version 2.28...)
> Maybe that Totem could also have a plugin to transcode videos :
> creating a DVD video is not the only way today to carry away videos
> It could rely on another simple tool like Transmageddon (or Arista) for instance
> Thanks

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