Re: Presets and profiles

Stefan Kost a écrit :
> Please consider encoding and transcoding as a special case for decoding and
> encoding (or just remuxing). Applications like pitivi,jokosher,buzztard & co
> would like to benefit from the whole profile&preset work too.
> Stefan

I didn't thought about that.

The difficult part is to provide a convenient way to encode from
raw-video/audio to the specified profile.
Am I right ?

We can develop something like an encodebin :)
The transcodebin will use a decodebin and an encodebin.

I mean, for transcoding, the decoding part is "just" a decodebin, with
no additionnal work.

Let's say an encoding library then.
With an optional direct from file encoding.

It can be a good idea to make a list of all application that may want to
use theses libraries and define a set of use cases!

* Converters (transcoders)
* Extractors (sound-juicer, music players)
* Multimedia editors / authoring tool

Do I forget someone ?

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