Schroedinger-1.0.0 Released


Schroedinger is an implementation of the Dirac video codec
specification, written with speed, stability, and maintainability in
mind.  Schroedinger provides a software library that implements both a
Dirac encoder and decoder.  Also provided is a GStreamer plugin.  No
end-user tools are included, since it is intended that users will use
existing tools written using a media framework such as GStreamer for
which a Schroedinger plugin is available.

The Dirac bitstream is now frozen, so video encoded today will be
decodable by future versions of Schroedinger and other Dirac-compliant

What's new?

This release is mainly intended for early adopters and integrators, in
order to work out many of the kinks that inevitably arise when a project
gains more wide usage.

Notable features:

 - ABI and API stable
 - Implements Dirac-1.0 and Dirac-2.1 bit streams
 - Encoder is tested and tuned for SD and HD720
 - Decodes HD720/25p in real-time on a Core Duo laptop

Where to get it

Schroedinger source code is available for download at:

Information about Schroedinger and Dirac are scattered across several
web sites.  We are working at consolidating this information into a
single web site, so changes may occur.

  Project Web Site:
  Git repository:   git://

What is Dirac?

Dirac is a video codec specification created by the BBC R&D division
that provides state-of-the-art compression performance for a wide range
of video sizes and bitrates, encompassing low bit rate web video,
broadcast SD and HD television, nearly-lossless intra coding for studio
editing, and digital cinema.  Dirac was created from the ground up to
be free from any patent claims.  Dirac is also the name of the original
software implementation of the Dirac specification.


  David Schleef (main author and maintainer)
  Wladimir van der Laan (CUDA backend)
  Christian Schaller
  British Broadcasting System (main source of funding)
  BBC Dirac team:
    Thomas Davies
    Tim Borer
    Jonathan Rosser
    David Flynn
    Anu Suraparaju

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