ANNOUNCE: gnome-media

GNOME Media is now available at:

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What is it?

GNOME Media is a set of GNOME multimedia tools.

 - gnome-volume-control: GStreamer-based volume control
 - gnome-sound-recorder: a simple audio recorder
 - gnome-audio-profiles: GStreamer-based audio encoding profiles
 - gstreamer-properties: GStreamer a/v input/output configuration

but not anymore GNOME-CD, CDDB-Slave, and VuMeter.

Changes since 2.22.0:

        * GNOME-cd, CDDB-slave-2, vumeter are all disabled by default
        starting from this release:

        - Rhythmbox, SoundJuicer or any other music players are better
          suited to play audio CDs.
        - If you use PulseAudio, we suggest you to use pavumeter
          instead of vumeter.

        * gnome-sound-recorder now has a slick new icon, and a record
          level indicator, which might have ui/usability improvements.

        * UTF-8 filename support improved in gnome-sound-recorder.

        * gnome-volume-control has dropped libgnomeui dependency, and
          improved themability: "Now we just need a pixel pusher to
          make us some nice tango icons for the remaining icons", Jaap

        * various code cleanups

What's cooking for next release (almost ready):

        * 516090, 404877: GIO port, use GtkRecentManager
        * 524364: GtkBuilder
        * 513612 and 422719: GNOME-Media relicensing

Those bugs are marked with high priority. Help is always appreciated!
:-) If you would like to pick one, leave a note in the bug to avoid
effort duplication.

        * 171070: Hangs when recording is done on a file where there
          is no permission (sound-recorder)
        * 387400: remove new button and new menuitem from the GUI
        * 359037: crash in Rhythmbox, edit profile
        * 462164: should listen bus events (volume-control)
        * 479757: sound-juicer does not properly delete profiles
        * 169381: PCM is too technical for all but audio engineers
        * 109621: documentation: what does the sound recorder record?
        * 365607: Lock button status should be visible for blind access.

Bugs fixed:

        * 349106: specify tab at startup (volume-control)
        * 349106: open capture page of volume-control (sound-recorder)
        * 448706: use gtk_stock_add to avoid crash when started
          multiple times (profiles)
        * 504422: move code comments to avoid them being close to
          translatable strings (profiles)
        * 519544: fix mixer access when the list of options change
        * 415353: only show a separator at the left of the playback
          control if a previous control has been visible
        * 516831: mark window title for translation (sound-recorder)
        * 521919: "Help/Help Ctrl+H" renamed to "Help/Contents F1"
        * 430824: return FALSE when track_info is NULL (GNOME-cd)
        * 493503: more checking before string comparisons (sound-recorder)
        * 430616: recording level indication in the statusbar
        * 483254: fix utf8 crash
        * 494031 and 310883: use GtkUIManager, use tango icons if
        possible and make all icons themeable (volume-control)
        * 524097: disable gnome-cd, vu-meter and cddb-slave by default
        * 504420: use more GTK stock text (sound-recorder)
        * 504419: use ngettext for plural forms

Thanks to all the contributors for this nice release:
 - Patrick Wade
 - Stephen Brandt
 - Jaap A. Haitsma
 - Takao Fujiwara
 - Tilman Weiers
 -  Gabor Kelemen
 - Loïc Minier
 - Andrea Del Signore

and others.

Translations: David Lodge (en_GB), Jorge González (es), Daniel
Nylander (sv), Krishna Babu K (te)

Have fun, report bugs, :)

Marc-André Lureau

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