Some questions and ideas


I've read the roadmap and I'm asking me some questions and ideas.

About the encoding profiles, will they only be for audio, or are they for both audio and video settings ? I've only seen audio profiles yet, but it seems to be usefull to make them more generic and accept multiple medias. All gnome applications can therefore share the same component and profiles for all media kind.

I'm also thinking about a better support for speaker configuration.
It will be great if you have a 5.1 soundcard to be able to choose different profiles. For example, one profile using only 2 channels (headphones/2.0 speaker system), and one using all the channels (surround systems). Applications can get the number of speakers from the currently used profile and then use an optimal configuration (DVD playback).

Also some improvements to configure volume on multiple speakers.
* 2-dimensional balance configuration on 5.1 systems.
* Master volume modification reported on all speakers (last time I tried, it only increased volume on front speakers)


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