New release of Schrodinger

Schrodinger 0.9.0 released

Schrodinger is a implementation of the BBC created Dirac codec. The
package currently consists of a encoder and a decoder for Dirac and also
includes GStreamer plugins using said encoder and decoder.

After a lot of heavy hacking from David Schleef Schrodinger 0.9.0 is now
available for download. The jump in version number is meant to
demonstrate that Schrodinger is getting close to its first major

This release is very close to the current bitstream specification, but
since the bitstream specification is not 100% frozen yet files created
with this version of Schrodinger are likely not to play in future
bitstream compliant decoders including future versions of Schrodinger.

A lot of work has gone into this release like much improved encoding
parameter defaults and also allowing you to set a target bitrate when
encoding. A lot of work has also gone into various bugfixes,
optimisations and tracking the bitstream specification.

You find the 0.9.0 tarball for download here:

You find more information on Schrodinger here:

And finally you find more information on Dirac here:

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