Re: Multimedia players - odd observations

Try BMPx :P (it is available on Debian, but i'm not sure about Sarge)

On 3/19/07, Felix Karpfen <felixk webone com au> wrote:
I use the KDE desktop as supplied by Debian Sarge and my version of KDE
(3.3) offers several media players for playing CDs.

These include:

- KscD version 1.4;
- xmms version 1.2.10;
- Totem version 0.100; and
- (Gnome's) CD Player version 2.8.0.

The first three all succeed in producing sound from a CD; Totem notifies
that "an error has occurred; the server that you are trying to connect to
is not known" and then proceeds to play the CD. On Gnome's CD player, all
the buttons work but there is no sound.

Unlike the other three, Gnome's CD Player loads automatically and
attempts to play as soon as it detects the presence of a CD in the DVD
drive - despite the fact that the relevant entry in /etc/fstab reads
"no auto" and all the relevant CD Player preferences have been

I will welcome any advice - if that is needed. I can live with both the
Totem error message and the presence of a loaded non-operational Gnome
CD-player - assuming this does no damage to my operational programs.

But I thought it worth flagging.

Felix Karpfen
Felix Karpfen
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