Plans to kill libgnome sound


I am trying to remove "hard" dependency to esd in Gnome (see progress on l.g.o/PulseAudio). For that, we need a better libgnome sound.h interface or the GNOME community might take a decision about a specific backend that everyone should use. The problem is that nobody really wants to force people to rely on a specific backend, even more when it is just to play "Bling". And sound event support + theming is a nice feature some of use would like to see. Thus, we need to define a better interface (or everybody will end up writing is on sound-event.h - or not :)

I finally decided to write a proposal, including C header (a kind of replacement for libgnome) and a DBus spec for that interface. You can find it here:

There is some discussions on fd.o dev ml, and dapi ml, but it seems it won't be accepted here (yet :-).

I don't really care what people on fd.o want, but I really would like to see any hard dependency on esd removed in GNOME.

Marc-André Lureau, GSmartMix

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