Re: Common music database?

Sri Ramkrishna wrote:
So I have a question.  Let's say that I have my hard drive all index'd;
added a bunch of tags and so forth.  Now, I got myself one of those
pocket drives, and I want to copy my music from my hard drive to my pen
drive or whatever, and listen to it at work.  How would my metadata,
including my tags move with me?


if they were ogg files (or others that support arbitrary metadata tags) we could optionally embed the metadata as arbitrary tags in the file itself. This is something that would be settable in a future version of Tracker.

I have been looking for a lib to handle this but TagLib is not suitable (as far as I could see in the C interface for Taglib) so I might optionally link with gstreamer for tag reading/writing (which has the advantage of ripping the code straight from rhythmbox) or just use libvorbis directly for this.

The embedded metadata tag names would follow the spec at

and only *writable* metadata as defined in that spec would be stored so music players (assuming they are not using tracker) should still be able to read in this info if its there. (metadata that is already embedded like artist would obviously not be duped here but writable stuff like "File.Keywords", "Audio.LastPlay", "Audio.PlayCount", "Audio.MBAlbumID", "Audio.Lyrics" etc would be present)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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