Re: MLQ (Media Library Query) file format and mime type proposal

On 6/22/06, Frans Englich <frans englich telia com> wrote:
On Thursday 22 June 2006 09:25, Milosz Derezynski wrote:

I think this highlights possible trouble. Anyone else who decides to
invent "query" will get detected as "Media Library Query List". All that's
needed to fix this is to use URIs properly.

I've changed the file magic so that the first line has to be "#MLQ", and our
MLQ exporter writes them like that and recognizes them only like that, and i've
updated the mime XML spec to recognize them this way.  This is no better or worse than
"#EXTM3U" for .m3u playlists, so i don't think there is any problem here now.
As for the URIs themselves, i wasn't yet speaking of "open" use of them (outside of .mlq files),
but only within them, so this change of the file magic should prevent problems with
anything else that might use a query:/// URI in their file formats.

-- Milosz

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