Internet TV streams

This list seems a bit dead, but the most relevant to what I am
suggesting.  If this is off topic, please direct me to the correct list.

I know that there was some discussion previously about having multiple
media players in GNOME, and if I recall Totem is the blessed player.
The problem is that Totem does not have the same capabilities as
Rhythmbox, which gives an easy way of organizing your music library and
Internet radio.  Rhythmbox does not handle video, so cannot be the only
multimedia player in GNOME.  With more TV streams appearing on the
Internet, a Rhythmbox interface for Totem would be amazing.  This would
allow you to organize your video files and streams.

Also, I don't know if Internet radio stations publish a program guide,
but this would be a nice feature for both sound and video.  Being able
to see what programs are coming up, and the ability to record them.

I want to sign off with a thanks to everyone who has made music and
video support in GNOME such a pleasure these days.


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