Re: ESD, aRts, ALSA, OSS, and GStreamer

On 4/26/06, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray <debarshi ray gmail com> wrote:
> If we get rid of ESD, and shift completely to GStreamer (using its output
> plugin for ALSA, SunAudio, etc.) would the following be possible:
> 1. Networked audio. Since there would be no sound server, does GStreamer or
> ALSA have the necessary features to handle it? Or does it need to be
> incorporated?

For networked audio you would have gstreamer use ESD.

> 2. What about the API? Is the GStreamer API going to be notoceably more
> tougher than the ESD ones?

Well, it might be a bit more complex, but you also gain something. You
write to the gstreamer API and suddenly your app can do networked
sound, straight ALSA for performace, and even work on Solaris without
any extra work. It's simply a matter of switching the backend
gstreamer uses.

Travis Watkins

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