Re: ESD, aRts, ALSA, OSS, and GStreamer


On Mon, 2006-04-24 at 17:49 +0530, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
> FAQ at the GStreamer project page says : "Streamer is not a
> soundserver. GStreamer does however have plugins supporting most of
> the major soundservers available today, including ESD, aRTSd, and to
> some extent Jack. Support for MAS is also planned". If that is so,
> then how can it replace ESD?

ESD basically has two functions in GNOME nowadays. Sound device sharing,
and being a public API for portable audio file handling (together with

The second one, portable audio file handling, can be taken over by a
media framework no matter what, and it would do a much better job than
esd/libaudiofile do. The first one is more complex to understand at
first. However, what a media framework such as GStreamer would do here,
is to provide choice. Most people don't need ESD, since their hardware
supports multiple inputs. A lot of people don't need it since they want
to use alsa/dmix instead of esd. For the few that need it, they could
use esd via GStreamer. With GStreamer, you wouldn't we stuck with a
flawed API that you don't want, but you'd have the choice of using alsa
directly if you care (or oss, for the BSD people, etc.).

Hope this clears thing up,


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