Re: ESD, aRts, ALSA, OSS, and GStreamer

On Mon, 24.04.06 09:40, Ronald S. Bultje (rbultje ronald bitfreak net) wrote:

> The second one, portable audio file handling, can be taken over by a
> media framework no matter what, and it would do a much better job than
> esd/libaudiofile do. The first one is more complex to understand at
> first. However, what a media framework such as GStreamer would do here,
> is to provide choice. Most people don't need ESD, since their hardware
> supports multiple inputs. A lot of people don't need it since they want
> to use alsa/dmix instead of esd. For the few that need it, they could
> use esd via GStreamer. With GStreamer, you wouldn't we stuck with a
> flawed API that you don't want, but you'd have the choice of using alsa
> directly if you care (or oss, for the BSD people, etc.).

What about sample cacheing? ESD provides sample cacheing which is
pretty useful in networked environments. Raw GStreamer doesn't have an
abstraction API for that, does it? 

I know there once was some work or at least plans for that. What is
the current state?

I would like to make use of this sample cacheing functionality for


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