Re: Common music database?

On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 13:46 +0100, Jamie McCracken wrote:
> Tracker only watches directory roots that you tell it to (or it watches 
> only your home directory if you dont tell it) so its unlikely that it 
> would be used for watching removable drives (indeed if FAM was being 
> used on a non-inotify system it would be especially problematic as FAM 
> would pin down the device)
> Tracker will let you add metadata to a file even if that file has not 
> been indexed by tracker or is not watched, however, the drawback is that 
> tracker would end up spitting out non-existant files in searches.
> A central DB like Tracker is only really good for persistent data on 
> your hard drive. For removables, it makes sense to have a separate DB or 
> text file that stores the metadata on the local drive (given that EA's 
> probably wont be available on removable drives?). The problem with this 
> is that such data may not be up to date so the only safe way is to 
> manually stat all the files in a removable device and then correlate 
> them against the metadata in the local DB/file (EA's would be a lot 
> better here!).

This has made me think of something that Rhythmbox supports, which
Tracker would probably be even less suited to: remote files. Rhythmbox
has full support for importing files from any location that gnome-vfs
supports, like samba shares, SFTP, etc.

Of course that would pose problems for any common-database if we wanted
to support non-Gnome players, since (AFAIK) things like KIO don't use
the same URI schemes for non-local stuff.


James "Doc" Livingston
You're trying to trick me into being intelligent. It won't work.
    -- dpm in the monastry

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