Re: suggestion: unified media player control panel applet

A GNOME Multimedia centric LIRC handler is also very close to what is trying to be achieved here; having a single interface (the remote) for controlling multiple players. I know from following the Rhythmbox development mailing list, Rhythmbox specific LIRC patches have been rejected in favour of the DBUS/bonobo interface been invoked by a seperate LIRC handler.

I dont know if there is already but there may be an exisitng GNOME LIRC project, i.e. [1] but this appears to be very dead. If a similar project does exist it could at least provide some ideas if not provide most of the exisiting functionality.


Adam Williamson wrote:
As I said in an earlier post having one interface design seems good to
me though having one applet that can control all these apps doesn't
sound all that usable (a person would have to configure it among other
things).  Having a library to make it easier might also be good but
having the projects agree on one applet interface sounds like the best

That would be fine too, though I still don't see why duplicating the
code in every application is better than separating it out. If the
applet is sufficiently simple there'd be no need to configure it. AFAIK,
the current players don't go much beyond play, pause, skip forward, skip
back in their current notification-area-icon interfaces; what's to
configure there? But yes, these are the things that need to be in the
solution, for me:


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