Re: Can't compile gnome-media-2.8.0 on Solaris

> If you want to compile 2.8.0 sources please change
> AUDIO_INITINFO(&audio_info, sizeof (audio_info));
> to
> AUDIO_INITINFO(&audio_info);
> This line will be in gnome-cd/solaris-cdrom.c (between line numbers 121
> to 130)

That got it to compile.  Thanks.  Now I'm having the issue that I
don't have sound from gnome-cd.  I'm struggling to diagnose this
problem.  Some of the real obvious issues can be ruled out because
there is an older version of gnome-cd on the system that works.  And
if I play a CD in xmms using the same esd output that the current
gnome-media is compiled with, I get sound.  The CD is recognized by
gnome-cd and the CDDB information is fetched.  The disc spins up and
the display says it's playing, but there's no sound.  I've tried
turning all of the volume controls I know of up, but I don't think
that's the issue.  Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, let me know.  Oh
yeah, here's some of the system information

Solaris 2.9

Dan Nicholson

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