How Gnome launch ESD daemon when session startup


I want to know how Gnome launch ESD daemon when I enabled sound server
startup in Sound preference.  In fact, I generated ~/.esd.conf file to
use TCP port instead of UNIX socket. But it seems that gnome still
launch the socket first; I get 2 processes for ESD (here I assume
uername is test_user) after normal session login:

1. test_user   /usr/bin/esd -nobeeps

   It's a socket daemon. It wrote socket to /tmp/.esd/socket. It seems
all the sound sent to this socket first whatever one use TCP socket or

2. test_user /usr/bin/esd -d hw:1 -tcp -port 10800 -bind localhost -
   It's the esd process using TCP port. I want to know why and how Gnome
launch 2 process for ESD. I thought it should be only one (the second
process ). I'd like launch different esd daemon for different user. Is
it possible?

Is there any documentation for how Gnome launch esd during session
startup? Anyone can explain it to me?



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