Re: Trying to tell me something?

Hmm, oppps.

While not aimed at you
It was inspired by you.
Although I meant no offence.
You can think the Unix Philosophy is the best thing since sliced bread
If you want
I just disagree
And will not write my programs around it.
Philosophies are there to be thought about
Not preached as dogma.

But my hatred of "The Unix Philosophy" goes back longer than you, so
don't take that personally. And then shaun made the comment about
pithy phrases to you, and it just caught exacty what I was feeling at
the time, so I stuck with it, and used it more as a homage to him,
than as an attack on you.

I'd expand on my hated of "The Unix Philosophy", but it'd just start a
flame war, and this aint the forum for that.

Apologies, and keep doing what you're doing


On 7/13/05, Alan Horkan <horkana maths tcd ie> wrote:
> I think someone is making a none too subtle point:
> Marlin 0.8 - The Unix Philosophy Is A Lie
> Marlin 0.9 - Pithy Phrases Do Not Make Good Software Design
> I'm trying my best here to provide constructive feedback.
> I'm sorry if I offended you in some way but if I have, please say
> something and let me know what I could try to do better.
> I am only trying like everyone else to make Gnome better in my own way.

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