Marlin 0.8 - The Unix Philosophy is a Lie - Released

Marlin 0.8 - The Unix Philosophy Is A Lie

Yeah, so after a long time
Too long some might say
I've got round to making a new Marlin release.

Marlin is a sample editor:

New stuff in this release:
Well, basically, I was adding all this stuff
And I hit some limitations
So I stopped and decided to add some other stuff
And I hit the same limitations
I tried again
But for a third time hit the limitations
So I decided to fix them.

This led to the whole core of how Marlin deals with samples
in memory being rewritten,
which it needed, as it hadn't been touched since like 2002
and it was a bit smelly and embarassing in places.

This now means that:
* Loading is faster
* There is no limit on how large a sample you can load
   (besides how much disk space you have
    previously there was a limit of about 2Gb per process)
* Code is better, smaller, faster...
* Sample drawing code is faster

Other cooler stuff
* Zero crossing detection added to move and selection dialogs.
* Crossfader was finished.
* Looping now works faster and doesn't have a click
* Markers can be moved around with the keyboard
* Invert sample works
* Recording works again
* Overview bar moves page around via keyboard
* Markers can be snapped to ticks
* Play clipboard
* Marker view can show other scales besides frames
* A level ruler was writen for the left side of the sample view
* A VZoomed sample can be scrolled around using the level ruler
* Infinity signs are used in places.
* Overview bar shows markers
* Average values are displayed on the sample view.
* Overview bar doesn't redraw everything constantly.
* Added reverse sample.
* Centre on cursor actually does what it says on the tin.
* More things undo/redo now as well.

See, I've been hard at work.

Get it from here:

CVS is in
Bugs to

Till next time(year?)

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