Re: esound opening up /proc/acpi/event

On Wed, 22.09.04 16:50, John (J5) Palmieri (johnp redhat com) wrote:

> Just got this bug report:
> # lsof | grep /proc/acpi/event
> esd        3999    notting   34r      REG        0,3        0
> 4026532088 /proc/acpi/event
> I don't see esound opening /proc/acpi/event anywhere in the code.  Any
> ideas why lsof would report this and is this expected behavior for
> esound?

Check if esound was autospawned and which process did that. Probably
that process didn't close the ACPI file handle prior to autospawning
esd. There are two ways to fix that: make the parent process
use CLOEXEC on the ACPI file handle or make libesd close all file
handles when spawning the new process. (esd uses a stupid mechanism
involving the -spawnfd parameter, you should NOT close the file handle
specified there.)


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