Re: Replacing Esound with Polypaudio?

On Wed, 08.09.04 12:49, Neil Stevens (neil hakubi us) wrote:

> On Wednesday 08 September 2004 06:17 am, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> > Since the KDE people are currently looking for a new sound server as
> > well, I will also try to push polypaudio into KDE. A common sound
> > server for both Gnome and KDE would be a great asset. Polypaudio has
> > no dependency on GLIB, nor on Qt/KDE - this is a point that might look
> > very sexy to the KDE people. Polypaudio includes a main loop adapter
> > for GLIB main loops nonetheless. In fact I wrote some client
> > programs (volume meter and manager) in gtkmm using thsi adapter.
> Doesn't a lack of glib mean that this server will be susceptible to all the 
> old C bugs that glib is designed to fix?

Sure. To the same level as every other non-GLIB-based
application. Such as most of the free software available today:
Apache, Samba, KDE, Emacs, Vim, the Linux Kernel, Postfix, .... None of
them use or rely on GLIB. ;-)

More seriously: there may exist bugs in the C libraries from different
vendors. But that is what porting is all about. Polypaudio uses autoconf,
thus is probably very easy to port to other operating systems.


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