Re: gst-thumbnail issue

--- Maciej Katafiasz <mnews22 wp pl> wrote:

> First thing - there's difference between "bad" as in
> "too dark to see
> anything", and "bad" as in "broken". Latter is
> undoable in general
> (different codecs break in different ways), and
> former is, IMHO, not
> worth doing it. If 1% of thumbnails ends up being
> mostly black, that's
> still going to give distinctive info, while avoiding
> possible
> spoilers ;).
Well, I was talking only about "too dark to see
anything", and in my case, I have folders with more
than 5% of black thumbnails.

> > > I'll probably change it to "somewhere in the
> middle"
> > > or even "take four
> > > and put them in one".
> > 
> > Well, first they have to be runtime configurable,
> in
> > order to let the user choose what it wants.
> What for? I can't imagine single user wanting to
> adjust that.
If we have "four in one" thumbnails and regular
thumbnails, then I am first who want to adjust that.

> > I think the "somewhere in the middle" scheme is
> going
> > to solve most of the situations of black frames.
> That's roughly what current algo does in practice.
> Works OK for me

If you want, I can send you some of my small movie
files which produce black thumbnails, and check if
there is something wrong with them, or some other
improvements can be done to the frame selection

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