Re: gst-thumbnail issue

--- Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas apestaart org>

> > Nautilus uses gst-thumbnail to generate icons for
> movie files. It happens
> > sometime that gst-thumbnail selects a black or
> almost black frame from the
> > movie, and this looks ugly. My first question is
> how does gst-thumbnail
> > selects a frame from the movie ? It just take a
> random shot ?
> It ends up being random-but-reproducable.  It does a
> number of
> iterations, then snaps.
That is why it will produce the same output every
time, for a given movie file.
> >  I guess not,
> > because it gives always the same output. Another
> question is if this
> > behavior can be modified, for instance we can
> select to re-thumbnail a
> > file if the first thumbnail was not acceptable, or
> even we can make it
> > recognize bad frames, and seek further.
> It is theoretically possible, but it needs quite a
> bit of logic to
> figure out "bad" frames.  Think about it - when is a
> frame "bad" ?
Yeah, I assume a lot of math is needed. A basic test
would be that a frame should have less than 95% same
color, but this is an ideal case. Usualy bad frames
are not just one color like black or whatever, but
they have dots, or other things.
So, now I think is too much for a thumbnailer to make
intelligent decisions about a frame.

> I'll probably change it to "somewhere in the middle"
> or even "take four
> and put them in one".

Well, first they have to be runtime configurable, in
order to let the user choose what it wants.

I think the "somewhere in the middle" scheme is going
to solve most of the situations of black frames.

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