Re: gst-thumbnail issue


On Sun, 2004-09-05 at 10:32, Paul Ionescu wrote:
> Hi all,
> Nautilus uses gst-thumbnail to generate icons for movie files. It happens
> sometime that gst-thumbnail selects a black or almost black frame from the
> movie, and this looks ugly. My first question is how does gst-thumbnail
> selects a frame from the movie ? It just take a random shot ?

It ends up being random-but-reproducable.  It does a number of
iterations, then snaps.

>  I guess not,
> because it gives always the same output. Another question is if this
> behavior can be modified, for instance we can select to re-thumbnail a
> file if the first thumbnail was not acceptable, or even we can make it
> recognize bad frames, and seek further.

It is theoretically possible, but it needs quite a bit of logic to
figure out "bad" frames.  Think about it - when is a frame "bad" ?

I'll probably change it to "somewhere in the middle" or even "take four
and put them in one".


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