First public release of Flumotion Streaming Media Server

Hey everyone,

we finally bit the bullet and threw out our firstborn for public
consumption.  For those not yet in the know, Flumotion is a streaming
media server based on GStreamer and Twisted under development by

This release gives users access to the basic features of the server and
demonstrates its distributed capabilities. We will follow up with a
release within a couple of weeks to address some of the remaining issues
and fix items that our users discover.

Yes, there will be bugs.  Feel free to report them.  But there are also
lots of cool features, for which we owe a debt of gratitude to both the
GStreamer and Twisted developers.

Our website is at, the development site is up in
wiki style at
Feel free to start filing issues.

The actual tarball is up at:

Download the tarball and md5 file here. If you are running Fedora 2 you
can get a full set of RPMS and needed dependencies from the GStreamer
apt repository.

I'm sure packages for other distributions will spring up over the next
few days.

Happy hacking and drop us a line !


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