Re: ESD Authentication

Hi Heiko,

not having any experience with what you're looking for, the esd --help
output provides the --promiscuous option which seems to do the reverse
of what you're looking for, indicating that what you want is the
default. Did you test that?


On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 13:52, Heiko Noschilla wrote:
> Hi Gnome-Specialists,
> i want to send sound over tcp.
> User A on machine A should send sound to a remote machine B just
> to one esd - daemon running under his user id.
> User C should send sound over the network also to machine B.
> But only the esd-daemoen of C running there should accept
> the sound.
> In other words i want to prevent sending sound over the network
> to esd daemons of other users.
> Anyone how could help me in that ?
> Kind Regards,
> Heiko
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