Re: Logo Issue e-aim and gnome

On Sun, 2001-08-19 at 09:11 +0000, e_aim Infotech wrote:
> Hi,
> Myself Tom, And I am a freelance web designer and multmedia professional and 
> I am running a small website, I am the only person who is 
> looking after this website, but I am getting mails from different countries, 
> that I ve taken the logo from GNOME site, that was realy similar to my logo.
> But now I have changed my logo and now its almost modified not similar to 
> GNOME and even at foot design i ve made changes and now it has 5 finger 
> impressions instead of 4 unlike GNOME.
> So I just want to know, do you people have any objection, in my this latest 
> new logo as its absolutely chnged?

I don't see the foot anywhere anymore, so I can't claim this definitely,
but I'd think that merely adding another toe is not enough to avoid
trademark issues.


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