Re: multimedia capplet

>  * Perhaps d-d-l should be CC'ed here?
I thought we wanted to get away from the excesive cross posting :)

> > It's about an hour's worth of work, just setting some GConf keys, which
> > both xine-lib and GStreamer-based apps could use in the desktop.
> > The main problem is where we should put this code. I'd like to see it
> > added to the control-center myself as there aren't any additional deps.
> If the keys are needed, we can add them to libgnome and let individual
> apps configure them.  That may be a better solution.

Personally I would prefer to keep the keys in gnome-media since that is where
we currently store shared multimedia keys. Having the keys spread out
over multiple modules sounds less than ideal to me

> > Any comments?
> I'm not sold on a generic 'multimedia' capplet, but think the keys sound
> fine.  I can be convinced on the dialog though, if you make a good
> case.  Jody, do you have an opinion?
> > I'd like to know if there are any more configuration options related to
> > multimedia that could be added as desktop-wide?
> Yeah.  Additionally, I've been hoping we can clean up the sound capplet
> sometime.  It can and should be so much more than it currently is.
Well if we are going to look at the world of multimedia capplets as a
whole then maybe the 'CD database' and 'CD properties' ones should be
taken into the equation as well.


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