Re: any sounds needed?

Ross Burton wrote:
On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 15:46, Andreas Kwiatkowski wrote:
i would like to ask if there is need for sound-files at gnome or its
projects at the moment. hopefully i'll got some spear time in the near
future and i am willing to design and submit some sound effects (like
start-up sounds etc.).

I personally would like to see gnome-audio totally re-created, some of
the sounds in there are so harsh on the ears.  We need subtle sounds
with depth and warmth which say "welcome" and "don't worry", not "WHAT
    Totally agreed. Either we lack the talent in sound engineering :) or not highlighted enough this module for it has been unchanged since at least GNOME 2.0 or earlier. So any work to improve on this would be most welcome :-)


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