GStreamer: The Road Ahead

Hi everyone,
I thought you should know that Wim has  sent out a mail to gstreamer-
devel with a proposed roadmap for GStreamer. The documents are working
drafts on the tasks we want to do in order to push GStreamer forward.
These documents are working drafts and will probably change due to
feedback from the wider community, but I think they highlight the
current issues nicely and proposes some solutions for solving them.

The plan is to have Wim working fulltime for the next months
implementing the final designs, so we hope to have a rough consensus
on the approach to take within the GStreamer community within a few

One question we assume will come up from the desktop groups is also what
the GStreamer team plans on doing post 0.9. Will be do a 1.0 or a 0.10

This haven't been discussed recently within the GStreamer community, but
I think it is clear at this point that there will be a 0.10 release
after 0.9. One of our goals for having Wim write these rather extensive
documents is to push for a GStreamer 1.0 release, but due to the
relatively big changes introduced with these documents (or with any
other proposed approach) we feel it might be a bit to bold to go
directly from 0.9 to 1.0. So the question is wether 0.10 will work out
well enough to make that release series a 'preview release' for 1.0 or
if we end up needing a the 0.11/0.12 release pair to nail some final
issues. What exactly will happen here will of course influence a lot the
timetable for a GStreamer 1.0. If we manage to keep the timetable Wim
has outlined in his mail and 0.10 turns out to have no major quirks,
then 1.0 doesn't need to be that far away on the horizon. If things
doesn't turn out as rosy, and we all know that has sometimes happened in
software development, then the wait for 1.0 will be somewhat longer (of


Link to Wim's mail with an overview:

Link to actual documents:




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