Re: [PATCH] esd jack output

Le mar 03/08/2004 à 14:41, Reza Jelveh a écrit :
> hi,
> this should add jack to esd you need to have libbio2jack and jack installed and bio2jack.h in /{exec_prefix}/include/jack.
> however there is still a problem. even tho libbio2jack should handle the blocking write esd_audio_write gets called so often that esd has 99% cpu useage while playing audio i really dont yet know how to fix it :/.
> if you can help me. also this is initial so framerate conversion must still be done i think if esd and jack run in different configurations(i think? worked here with std esd.conf)

this reply is a summary of what I told to Reza on IRC :

I don't plan to integrate this patch in esound code, mainly because
esound backend choice is done at compilation time, which restrict a lot
the usefulness of this patch. BTW, there is a somehow similar patch for
arts support in bugzilla and I did the same analysis.

Again, I don't comment on the patch quality but on its usefulness
regarding esound current state (and since esound development is almost
dead, I don't think it will change whatsoever..).

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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