Re: Comment on your latest article on GNOME-3.0

thanks for the email.

> in your latest article on, you mention that GNOME should switch
> to ALSA fully. Your example is that GNOME Volume Control tells you to
> create your OSS device nodes. This means you're still running GNOME 2.4,
> because GNOME 2.6 is almost completely ALSA compatible. The mixer, for
> example, will tell you that you don't have any GStreamer sound mixer
> plugins installed if it cannot find them. If it can, it will show ALSA and
> OSS mixers. Your error notice does not exist in GNOME-2.6.

It seems that it still does. I do have a clean installation of Gnome 2.6.0
on Arch Linux (as provided by Arch Linux). No previous versions of Gnome
existed on that installation of Arch. I went directly for Gnome 2.6 when I
installed Arch a few weeks ago.

I can't remember the exact error now because I have since then enabled OSS,
but before doing so, the gnome-volume was always "muted" (with the red
circle around the icon) and trying to click the gnome-volume icon on the
gnome-panel would result to the alert window with the error message about
some /dev/ device not exist.

GStreamer 0.8.1 is installed and gst-register has ran on that system too.

I could try removing temporarily the OSS modules to grab a shot for you. Is
there something specific you would like me to test?


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