Re: Gnome-Media 2.2.0 "No War On Iraq" released

On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 16:29, Jason A. Pfeil wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-01-25 at 09:05, iain wrote:
> [...snip...]
> > Headline: Gnome-Media 2.2.0 "No War On Iraq" Released.
> > Unrelated Websites:
> >                   :
> [...snip...]
> Yes, the release codenames in the past have been cute.  This, however,
> is going WAY out of bounds.  This is an announcement about a piece of
> software, not a mailing list of people who share your socio-political
> viewpoint.  Please do not use this list as a political soapbox, as this
> is not the target of this list and you will likely generate off-topic
> flamewars.

I'm happy for people who contribute time and effort to reward themselves
in any way that doesn't hurt or offend anyone.

Murray Cumming
murray usa net

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