Gnome-Media 2.2.0 "No War On Iraq" released

Dateline: 25th January 2003
Location: Middle of Nowhere
Headline: Gnome-Media 2.2.0 "No War On Iraq" Released.
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Executive Summary:
   Gnome-Media 2.2.0 "No War On Iraq" has been released.

   It is available in the usual spot on

   Compiles with either GStreamer 0.5.2 or 0.6.0 when it is released

   1 - Gnome-CD - A CD player
   2 - Gnome-Volume-Control - An audio mixer for OSS and ALSA 0.5
                              (But ALSA 0.9 will work if you turn on 
                               OSS emulation)
   3 - CDDBSlave2 - A Bonobo based FreeDB data retriever.
   4 - Gnome-Sound-Recorder - A GStreamer based sound recorder.
                              (Can load audio from any format GStreamer
                               can handle, and save to mp3, ogg, flac or
   5 - Other secret goodies - Like a GStreamer property dialog, 
                              and a VU meter

   Submit them at in the gnome-media category.

   Try not to let anyone blow up the world.


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