Re: First release of MAS available

On 24 Jan 2003, iain wrote:

> > The only thing Gnome-in-general needs the sound server for is sound
> > events. You need sound samples for sound events. Your sound card can't do
> > that. The sound server does it best.
> Which Gstreamer would also handle the loading of these sound samples,
> which it is pretty good at.
> so the simple command would be
> gnome_sound_play ("my-bing.wav");
> and inside gnome_sound_play would simply create a pipeline
> filesrc ! wavparse ! audiosink
> (where audiosink was alsasink/massink/kitchensink)
> Seems simple enough to me.

The need is not to load a sound file and play it back, but to have samples
cached and ready to play. I don't know if you're familiar with the way
sound events work in gnome, but currently esd takes care of the caching
and plays a cached sample back whenever any application asks for that
particular sampleID to be played. A lot more efficient than repeatedly
stuffing the sound data through the plumbing.

-- Elliot

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