Re: First release of MAS available

fre, 2003-01-24 kl. 13:49 skrev Elliot Lee:

> The only thing Gnome-in-general needs the sound server for is sound
> events. You need sound samples for sound events. Your sound card can't do
> that. The sound server does it best.

Which Gstreamer would also handle the loading of these sound samples,
which it is pretty good at.

so the simple command would be
gnome_sound_play ("my-bing.wav");

and inside gnome_sound_play would simply create a pipeline
filesrc ! wavparse ! audiosink
(where audiosink was alsasink/massink/kitchensink)

Seems simple enough to me.

> Yes, but if libgnome* just uses gstreamer to get to the point where it can
> talk to the sound server API directly, there is really no point in using
> gstreamer at all, because the direct dependency on the sound server API
> will exist anyways.

no, libgnome* would simply be using the standard GStreamer api, because
as you said, all it needs to do is make things go bing every so often.
If a more advanced need arose, then yes, the application could delve
deeper. And even then, there are ways to not have the direct dependancy.
But for 90% of the uses, the GStreamer API is sufficient.


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