Re: First release of MAS available

On 24 Jan 2003, Bastien Nocera wrote:

> So, if I understand well, in libgnome we would have the same simple API
> we have, with MAS as the direct backend (probably with audiofile as the
> loading backend, because the core mas can't play any files, ie. no
> plugins).

> And for the multimedia applications, we'd have a MAS output through
> Gstreamer.

My main point is that libgnome/libgnomeui should use sound-server-API
internally for implementing sound events. I'm not sure that the
gnome-sound API should be publicly exported by libgnome at all, since it's
plausible that gstreamer could be the recommended API for the simple "play
a sound file" thing. If gnome-sound does need to exist, it should use
whatever API libgnome/libgnomeui use internally for sound events.

So, the choice really should be made as far as "what libgnome/libgnomeui 
use internally, and what is recommended for application developers".
-- Elliot

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