Re: First release of MAS available

Le ven 24/01/2003 à 10:42, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller a écrit :

> I suggest people look at it so we can discuss issues like:
> a) do we want this to replace esd (for GNOME 2.4)?
> b) if we want to include it, then to what degree should we integrate
> this with GStreamer? (there are some areas of overlap)
> c) Can this solve gnome meetings issues with current media servers?

I need to give it a deeper look for GnomeMeeting (or more precisely
PWLib) integration, but if it permits to record and play from different
devices, and if KDE people decide to adopt it (or write an Arts plugin),
then it is a really good candidate for me.

> d) Will KDE adopt this? maybe it can be a shared sound/media server.
> e) Other issues?
> Christian
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