Re: First release of MAS available

fre, 2003-01-24 kl. 09:42 skrev Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller:

> I suggest people look at it so we can discuss issues like:

I've not looked at it yet, but I don't think it will change my opinion.

> a) do we want this to replace esd (for GNOME 2.4)?


> b) if we want to include it, then to what degree should we integrate
> this with GStreamer? (there are some areas of overlap)

We write a GStreamer massrc and massink.
Then, we use gstreamer to output audio in gnome.

> c) Can this solve gnome meetings issues with current media servers?

Dunno anything about this.

> d) Will KDE adopt this? maybe it can be a shared sound/media server.

Doubt it,
Don't care,
My answer to b makes this a moot point I think.

> e) Other issues?

I may have missed the point actually.


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